Rules of the road


Cycling is the best way to get around San Francisco, right? That’s why you’re here, after all. To keep it

safe for everyone, though, it’s important you learn the rules of the road first. I’ve met a couple of folks

lately who don’t really know what the rules are, so I thought I’d make a quick run-down of them – and

what they mean. It’s worth checking them out if you cycle in San Francisco regularly, just to check you’re

not falling into bad habits, and visitors should definitely make themselves aware of the local rules.

 Only children under the age of 13 can ride on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are for pedestrians –

we’re on wheels!

 You still have to obey all road signs, the same as any other vehicle. That includes riding in the

same direction as the flow of traffic.

 You don’t have right of way. It’d probably be a great way to incentivize more cycling, but for

now, pedestrians have right of way over cyclists. (And all other vehicles.)

 You still have to pass on the left.

 You don’t have to stay in the bike lane. If it’s safer or more convenient to ride in a different

lane, you should. Just make sure you signal first.

 You need reflectors and a white front light. This isn’t just if you’re planning to ride at night.

Make sure you have them anyway. Back lights aren’t necessary but they do help to make you


Hope that helps!

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