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There’s apparently a guy trying to endanger the lives of cyclists by spreading tacks on Kings Mountain

Road. There’s an article about what’s going on here. I don’t think there’s enough awareness that this

sort of thing is going on, especially since I first heard about this kind of thing in 2012. There’s a

crowdfunded initiative to find out who’s doing it and stop them (assuming it’s just one guy with a grudge

and not some kind of planned community thing, I guess), but in the meantime, if you want to ride on

that route, take care – and take a puncture repair kit with you.


I know there’s a bit of rivalry about who has right of way on the roads and whether cyclists are getting in

the way of other motorists, but this is just crazy. It could actually endanger people. You get a sudden flat

in traffic and your bike can go way out of control. I’ve only had it happen once but it’s really scary, and

most people don’t know what to do in that situation when their bike is suddenly out of control.

If you find a spike trap like this, totally document it and exactly where it is, clean it up as best as you can,

and let other people know. I don’t know if the police will do anything about it, but it might be worth

notifying them as well.