Favorite event


I always forget it’s going to happen until I see dozens of new cyclists on the roads with me, but my

favorite yearly event has got to be Bike To Work Day. I wish every day was Bike to Work Day, with the

energizer stations (free snacks!) and the sense of camaraderie that we get. If you can volunteer or

convince your work to run a team challenge or do some sponsorship, it feels great to get involved and

you meet some amazing people that way. All the best people cycle, right? And in 2015 there were

record numbers of participants.

I always cycle to work, except when it’s really hot and just unpleasant with the traffic. It just takes a bit

of extra time and some planning ahead, and you get a lot of benefits – it’s free, you can dodge most

traffic, it’s better for the environment, and you can get fit at the same time… especially if you have to

cycle uphill! (Who doesn’t, in SF?) Cycling in SF is improving all the time thanks to the San Francisco Bike

Coalition and their work with building grassroots campaigns to promote SF as a safe place to cycle.

SF is rated one of the best places in the US for people to go cycling, and there are some really amazing

routes, so on second thoughts, don’t wait for Bike to Work Day to join in!

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