Psprint: Coupons and Review

Posted by sfwiggle - November 19th, 2014

Psprint has been around since 1990. Part of the Delux Corp. family of companies, through out the years, they have acquired an impressive experience in printing promotional and marketing material for businesses. Their quality of service and the customer feedback has made them a top player in the printing industry. Now, with their Psprint coupon codes their prices are the lowest compared to their competitors. Coupon Codes

With promo code PSALL15 you save 15% of your entire order. Just drop this coupon code at checkout and see your total decrease by 15%. The company runs many promotions throughout the year. This week they have a 15% discount on Calendars as can see in the photo below.

Psprint promotion codes

They also have discounts Holiday Cards.

Psprint discount codes

Why is Psprint and Useful Service for Businesses

Printing is an important need for most businesses, and even universities. Harvard for example has its own in-campus printing service to cover the printing needs of the institution. Weather it is promotional brochures, marketing programs, business cards, certain schedules, or other similar materials that need to be put on paper, printing fast and economically is what most businesses want. Going through the whole process of designing the whole project, making it as professional-looking as possible, is very time-consuming. Having to take time to run it to the printer just takes additional time away from business activities.

Some printing firms are beginning to offer a service that can save businesses a lot of time. These are firms that offer online printing, such as that offered by Psprint. There is no need for the business person to physically deliver a project. You can send it by computer to the firm for instant printing. Afterwards, they send the completed project back to you by direct mail. This saves valuable time.

Get Top Speed And Service With Online Printing

Once you send your project to Psprint, they have a staff of professional designers that will review your files and make sure you will get the result you want. Some companies, similar to Psprint, even have consulting services available to help with your project. There is often 24/7 service so you can get that important project completed in ample time.

At Psprint, there are even templates offered that can be easily downloaded to use in setting up your project. There are ones for brochures, calendars, sales letters, and many other projects. You just type your information into the proper place in the template.

Among companies that use online printing services there are real estate agencies, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, and even graphic designers. These companies come from all parts of the country and can send their printing projects to directly by computer, regardless of geographical location.

Access to printing is just another way technology has grown since the growth of internet usage. Almost any type of expert printing assistance is available online through Psprint, making it easy to consult an expert at almost any time. Printing is just one of those areas where tasks are made easier by online use.

Get the Most of Online Photo Printing with Snapfish Promo Code

Posted by Lois - September 14th, 2014

Using a web tool to uploading photographs is an easy way to organize pictures and create creative gifts. The online photo printing store not only allows individuals to order standard prints, but they can also use pictures to create jewelry pieces, coffee mugs, posters, calendars or a scrapbook. Holiday cards, memo pads and party invitations are also excellent uses for this online source.

Coupon Code for Snapfish

Snapfish is one of the leader in online photo printing and image sharing. This is not a surprise given that behind this digital printing service is the multinational information technology company Hewlett Packard. Thankfully, HP has not left the consumer without a strong motivation to purchase prints from them. They have published a promotional code for Snapfish.

Most Recent Snapfish Coupon

Deals and discounts change, and so do coupon codes. The lastest snapfish coupon code is 25X2DAY. You get 25% off in addition to free shipping! Learn more about this.

Individuals no longer have to develop every picture from a roll of film. Instead, they simply need to create a free account by using their email address and password. Once an account is created the person can either connect their camera to their computer or upload directly from their smart phone by downloading free application.

A person can upload pictures to this website and organize them according to date, event or person. Organizing into albums will make it easier to find pictures later. Also, a person can send specific pictures or albums to loved ones by attaching them through email.

Online Photo Printing Store For Creative Memories

snapfish5Once pictures have been uploaded, one can order by following easy steps. Simply choose the desired pictures and select the print quality. One can choose a matte or glossy finish, and even a border for added dimension. A person can choose black and white photos, traditional, or other shades to create the desired effect.

More than just picture development, this resource is a great way to create jewelry pieces, whether they be sleeve cuffs, a necklace, or bracelet. One can also choose to put a picture on a memo pad or coffee mug. A framed canvas collage print is a great display of art around the home. Creating a scrapbook of memories is an excellent way to tell a story of a lifetime. Everyone can enjoy this type of creativity without breaking the bank. A promotion code for Snapfish makes this affordable to almost all people.

Post worth reading here.

Memories are easily organized at This resource free, easy and fun. One can avoid cluttering their home with individual pictures, and instead use this resource to create original art pieces and organize their memories into albums online that will be there forever.

Use Hostgator Coupons to Save on their Web Hosting Plans

Posted by Lois - September 8th, 2014

It can be hard to tell some web hosting companies apart sometimes, except by price. Many companies try to influence people to use their services by offering cheap hosting plans, but if you need to publish a website, you shouldn’t select it by price alone. HostGator is more than an inexpensive web hosting company as it offers many features for your publishing and hosting your website and you can save money on the costs with Hostgator coupons.

Web Hosting Plans

Unlike many other web hosting companies in business, Hostgator focuses on web hosting. While you can also register your domain name on their site, they don’t offer other services such as web design, auctions or anything else. Hostgator is all about web hosting. They offer several plans suitable for both personal and business websites, as well as plans that are best for large corporate websites.

They offer plans for web hosting on shared servers, but you can also find VPS hosting plans and plans for dedicated servers. They also offer reseller hosting, which means you can purchase a plan that allows you to host someone else’s website on your account. If you design a site for your church or charity, you can use a reseller-hosting plan to host their site on your plan. With this type of plan, you could even start your own web hosting company.

While most of their plans are already priced very reasonably, you can have a site hosted for as low as $3.96 per month, HostGator coupons can save you even more money on their services. When you search for their coupons, you may find coupons that offer $10 off on any of their plans by using a promo code on their site before you purchase your web hosting plan. They also have promo codes out that offer discounts up to 25% off as well. has more information about this.

Green Web Hosting

If you are environmentally conscious, HostGator may be the web hosting company you select because the power for their company comes primarily from wind energy. They are one of the largest green hosting companies in the world. Since servers are required to host websites, hosting companies use a lot of power and put a lot of strain on the grid where they are located. However, some companies, like HostGator, reduce their dependence on electricity by using alternative energy sources, like wind energy.

These alternative power sources not only are environmentally conscious, but it saves their company thousands of dollars each month and allows them to offer inexpensive web hosting services to their customers. Along with their responsible prices, HostGator customers can look up Hostgator hosting coupons in order to save even more money on their plans. While the discounts change often, you can find some coupons offering plans for 1 cent for the first month.

HostGator allows their affiliates to design their own coupons in order to make money by promoting the company’s services. When you search for HostGator coupons, you will find several discounts you can compare and find the best discounts for your needs.

For promo codes for hostgator go to RetailMeNot.

New Omega 3 Supplements and Promo Codes For Vitacost

Posted by Lois - September 2nd, 2014

omega 3 supplementsOne can obtain fish oil by taking supplements or eating fish. Examples of fish rich in omega three fatty acids include menhaden, trout, herring sardines, anchovy, bluefish, mullet, sturgeon, salmon and tuna. 3.5 ounces of fish will provide 1 gram of omega three fatty acids. Fish oil supplement are derived from seal blubber, whale blubber, cod liver, halibut, tuna and herring. These supplements contain vitamin E to prevent them from going bad. They might also contain a combination of iron, calcium, vitamins D, C, B3 and B1.

Promotions by Vitacost

The known online vitamin shop,, has a long line of omega 3 supplements from various brands which come in various shapes, packages and prices. For all of them promo codes for vitacost can be typed at checkout for a special 10% discount.

Some of the health benefits of omega 3 supplement include:

1. Prevents rheumatoid arthritis.

A continuous intake of omega three supplements may reduce the need to take corticosteroid medicines, number of swollen joints and morning stiffness in patients’ with rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to the anti-inflammatory effects in fish oil.

2. Enhances heart health.

Taking fish oil supplements or fish oil increases the levels of EPA and DHA which is crucial in enhancing some cardiovascular ailment risk factors. For example, studies show that intake of these supplements may reduce the chances of death, stroke and heart attack, slow down progression of atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure and cholesterol in patients with cardiovascular ailments.

3. Lowers the risk of some cancers.

Studies have shown that an intake of omega three supplements can lower the risk of some cancers such as prostate, colon and breast cancer.

4. Helps in the development of infants.

omega 3 by vitacostThe nutrients available in fish oil supplements are important during the early stages of development of a child. It is recommended that women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should take about 8 ounces but should not exceed 12 ounces of seafood every week. However, they should avoid particular sea foods that contain mercury which is harmful to the nervous system of a child or fetus.

It is recommended that you consume a teaspoon of fish oil during meals each day for healthy skin, weight loss, minimal inflammation and all the above benefits.


You can get a omega3 supplement with $29 and will last you around 1-2 months, depending on the number of softgels the package will contain. In any case, though, vitacost gives discount coupons for all of its products regardless the category. Click this link above for more information.

Macys Discount Code – Macy’s is An Offline and Online Store

Posted by Lois - August 31st, 2014

A contest between and Macy’s Herald Square no doubt seems so Woody Allen. But it is also an indication of how things are changing. E-commerce sales are growing while brick and mortar stores are disappearing. That’s what makes the ongoing tussle between the online store and their flagship NYC location such a big deal.

Macys Discount Codes

If I were to compare these two, then, right off the bat, the first big difference would be that has coupon codes specifically for buyers who use Macy’s online store. For example, for the Labor Day, coupon code DEALS25 saves you $10 off of a $25 purchase. Here is another example: Calvin Klein Lingerie Sale. Save $20 off $50 Purchase with Macys discount code CKBRAS.

macys5Continuing on this comparison, let’s do this as a history lesson with a trip back in time to 1851 and then follow the company’s growth. Founder Rowland Hussey Macy made a complete hash of it the first time he opened a retail outlet. This was in Haverhill, MA, and he managed to open three more stores before the business failed.

After that, Macy moved to New York and tried again. The first NYC Macy’s was established in 1858, but Rowland was long gone by the time it arrived at its current location in 1902 as a huge business. It soon outgrew the building and expanded to cover the entire block.

Macy’s now spans 2.2 million square feet from Broadway to 7th Avenue, some of the most prime real estate in Manhattan. The store is a historic national landmark. The business growth of Macy’s has likewise been nothing short of phenomenal. Their 850 or so department stores and online sales combine to generate more than $27 billion in annual revenue.

The interesting part here is that Macy’s as a brand has grown so strong that it has been able to withstand the Internet’s assault on physical locations. Despite the exclusive deals and Macy’s discount codes that the online store and partner sites provide, the physical stores’ growth is going North with shares soaring upwards of $60. Other retail chains are shuttering their stores because people are increasingly shopping online. But Macy’s is going great guns and actually plowed $400 million recently into a renovation of the flagship location.

They added 100,000 square feet and a few hundred more employees to the already huge staff of 3,600. Online sales account for only 10 percent of their total sales. Even this is not all online, because orders taken by the online store at are actually fulfilled by the nearest physical location. Macy’s Herald Square is still the undisputed champion, and likely to be No. 1 for a long time to come.

Weight Watchers Plan and Promo Codes

Posted by Lois - August 29th, 2014

One of the most recognizable diet plans out there, Weight Watchers offers several different ways to participate in their program with support ranging from Apps to Food.  All plans allow for access to programs including the restaurant finders, calorie charts, and other tracking tools.  There are three distinct ways that you can participate in the program and there are several sources for coupons that can make the plan affordable.

weightwatchers5Weight Watchers is designed to help you track and understand your food intake.  Based on a system of points, you control what you eat with a mind set of always feeling satisfied and making healthy choices whenever possible.  They do offer prepared foods to help but you are not required to eat those to stay on the plans.

There is also a special plan and program for men.  It follows many of the same overlying principles in the general plans, but acknowledges and accounts for the different guidelines and support that men need during weight loss.

In Person Plan

All over the country, Weight Watchers hosts meetings, usually on a weekly basis.  It is a group meeting format and the group is led by someone who has been successful in the Weight Watchers program.  Participants complete a weekly weigh ins and group discussions that are designed to answer questions and serve as motivation.  Participant in the weekly meetings also have access to the Weight Watchers eTools which are designed to help users plan food and track calories and food.  This plan is paid for via a weekly meeting fee.

Online Only Plan

For those who are not comfortable or cannot fit an in person meeting into their schedule, the online only plan is another option.  This plan gives you full access to all eTools and electronic resources.  You also have access to online communities for support groups, information sharing, and interaction.  This plan is available in monthly and quarterly billing plans.

Monthly Pass

For the best of both worlds, there is the monthly pass.  This opens up the entire online program including all the eTools and online support groups.  You also have unlimited access to meeting so you can attend whenever it works for your schedule and always have the online support to fall back to.  This program is designed for someone who is looking for as much support as possible and is charged on a recurring monthly basis.

Places to Find Weight Watchers Coupons

A Weight Watcher promo code is published almost every month in the company’s official site. It may not be an actual code (like: SAVE10) but it will most likely be a deal (like: Save $30 when you join the 3-month Weight Watchers online plan).

My favorite source of Weight Watchers promo codes is!

There are a number of places to find good coupons and discounts on the Weight Watchers programs.  The Weight Watchers site itself usually has some form of special running – for example, waiving the enrollment fee – at most times.  An internet search will also lead you to several sites with great coupon codes.  For example, has a whole section of their site dedicated to Weight Watchers coupons.

Weight Watchers offers a great option for people looking to lose weight and eat healthy.  Weight Watchers coupons can help you save money while you work towards your health goals.

Other Sources:

Great Shoes and Great Coupons

Posted by Lois - August 23rd, 2014

Who doesn’t love shoes?  Whether you have two pairs or two hundred pairs, no one can deny the wonderful feeling that buying a new pair of great shoes is.  If you are on the hunt for the new perfect pair for a specific event or just a new pair to show off out on the town, is the place for you.  Not only is it a great site to shop at, but coupons will make sure you save a ton of money. From New Balance to Paris Hilton, all types of shoes are here.

A new season is right around the corner, so there are great new products being released in time to get you all set for the new looks.  So what new styles are out there?

Women’s Shoes

Spring is in the air which means it is time to set those feet free!  Sandals, ballet flats, and cute slip on sneakers are all featured.  Fresh new colors will help you lighten up your wardrobe and put some “spring” in your step.

Men’s Shoes

Spring also brings with it some great chances to get out into the great outdoors. can help you get outfitted for anything you want to do outside.  The most up to date trail running shoes, boots, and beach shoes are front and center.  They also have trendy and classic work styles to add to your professional wardrobe.

Coupons and Deals

There are several great places to get great deals and coupons.  I would recommend that for a coupon for the first place that you should always look is the site itself.  They often offer great discount codes right on this site.  For example, right now there is a coupon code for ten percent everything off of the site.  Other websites also offer great discounts and coupons.  A quick internet search will help you find a number of sites with up to date coupons.  Sites like currently offer coupons that will save you twenty percent off your order.

Children’s Shoes

We all want our kids feet to look as kicking as ours and understands that.  The site offers a wide variety of shoes for kids from every age – infant to teens.  You can get styles for your children that match your taste and style or go a little crazy and let them help pick out shoes that reflect their own style.  With products from cute and fun to smart and functional, your kids will have some happy feet.

Other Products doesn’t stop at being a great shoe store.  They also offer bags, clothing, and accessories.  Their bag department carries everything from change pursues to laptop covers to briefcases, to purses.  They have a variety of clothing such as jackets, pullovers, and t-shirts.  Finish off your look with one of their many accessories from stylish belts to comfy and cute socks. is one of the best places on the web to get shoes from.  With a great coupon, you can save a ton of money and get some great shoes!

What Can 6pm Promo Codes Do For You?

Posted by Lois - August 23rd, 2014

6pm promo codes or deals will keep 90% of the cost of your online transaction in your pocket. Whether you buy shoes, clothing, handbags, sunglasses, bags or ties, you will pay much less if you take advantage of the deals or use any 6pm promo codes.

Promo Codes for 6pm

Currently, there aren’t any codes that you can enter at checkout while shopping at 6pm. However, there are some amazing deals. For example, you pay $50 or less for Boots, and $25 or less bags and women’s tops.

6pm promo codes

One of the favorite activities for many women is shopping. This does not mean that men do not like to do this but most of them do not get the time for this. These people can all get whatever they want at online store without having to use ant effort.

Store 6pm is an online clothing shop where people can get all kinds of shoes, accessories and also clothes. There are many people who have used the site before and most of them give positive reviews about their experience. The customers think the functioning of the site is just fine.

There is one particular customer who once tried using the store and her orders were delivered in good time without being tampered with. This site has some disadvantages such as lack of a place to cancel or change orders.

Get Trendy With Online Store

Once a consumer has made an order, they will not get a chance to change their minds because the choice is irreversible. A customer who had this problem tried to call their customer service lines but most of them were not working and she was very unhappy about this. There are some customers that however that think the service is just fine.

In case of any malfunctions in the items a person purchases, the management of the site will without doubt refund the money paid for the items. For instance if a person buys clothes and finds that they are torn, the company will refund the money and let them keep the clothes.

To top this all up, the prices charged by this site are usually very affordable. This is not like most other sites that charge unreasonable prices to their users. The delivery services are also very affordable at 6pm shop.

This site also has a lot of variety where people can get anything they want. Any person who loves shopping will have a hard time trying to choose the things to purchase. If you want an outfit for any event this would definitely be the site to visit.


Internet Security and Antivirus With Coupon Codes For Norton 360

Posted by Lois - July 24th, 2014

Avoid Spending Too Much For An Antivirus Software

coupons for norton 360Norton 360 4.0 and Norton 360 4.0 Premier Edition, by Symantec, both offer all the online security you have come to expect from this line of products. At both products you can enjoy a 20% discount if you use any of the coupon codes for Norton 360 you can find at the company’s newsletter.

With each of these fine programs you’ll receive comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, malware, Trojan horses and worms, as well state-of-the-art identity protection to keep you safe during all your online activities.

The Major Difference between Norton 360 4.0 and Norton 360 4.0 Premier Edition

The major difference between Norton 360 4.0 and Norton 360 4.0 Premier Edition is the amount of online storage space included with each product. With Norton 360 4.0 you will receive 2 MB of storage for online backups, while with the Premier edition of Norton 360 you’ll get a whopping 25 MB of online storage.

For most people, including the majority of home users, the 2 MB of storage offered with Norton 360 4.0 is more than sufficient, but if you’re someone who frequently performs large online backups, you may want to consider upgrading to the larger storage of the Premier edition.

Pricing and Discount Coupons

Norton 360 4.0 retails for $79.99, while Norton 360 4.0 sells for $99.99. You can find a 20% discount coupon here which after applying at the checkout the price will drop.

The Advantages Of Using A Vitacost Coupon

Posted by Lois - July 12th, 2014

Anyone that is currently trying to improve or maintain their health is usually focused on a multitude of products and solutions. Many people are unaware of how to make sure their sustained levels of well being will be successfully completed without the use of vitamins and supplements as they are unable to get what they need with food alone. They are also unaware of a promo code for vitacost which they could use to save bucks. Anyone focused on this particular issue should know the advantages of using a Vitacost coupon to ensure their purchase is as reasonable as possible.

vitacost coupon 10Vitacost has become a leading brand within the vitamin industry for a multitude of competitive reasons. People are often in search of coupons and savings opportunities that are commonly offered from the brand to help keep their disposable incomes under control. The decision to search for and use these kinds of discounts is usually made with a great deal of caution.

Consumers in most major markets are offered a significant number of savings opportunities to focus in on. Most people are not clear about all that is necessary when interested in making sure their costs are kept as reduced as possible. The advantages of using these vouchers can be quite useful to hone in on as needed.

People are often interested in the chance to purchase from a brand that has received a large number of great reviews. Review postings are always helpful to consumers that are trying to make sure their purchases are made with as much information as possible from the viewpoint of former buyers. People are able to feel much more confident when buying from this brand as a result of great reviews.

Consumers also appreciate the large variety of vitamins and supplements that can be purchased with any coupon. now offers a significant line of supplements that are helpful for just about any health or well being concern that one could have. Promotional offers are equipped with full access to even the products with specialized formulas.

The all natural approach to the vitamins offered from this brand can be advantageous for consumers to consider. Taking supplemental products can be stressful for consumers that are worried about side effects and other complications that could arise when taking various products. The manner in which all products are created help ensure that allergens and other sources of harm are easily avoided.

Coupons are also quite valuable in the amount that is able to be saved. This brand is relatively low in cost in relation to other major names already which is useful when considering the increased saving appeal that is offered with coupons. Low prices combined with great savings help create a valuable purchase.

Do You Know Your Fitness Age?

Posted by sfwiggle - July 11th, 2014

old man exercisingPeople view their age as the accumulation of years. This age which is based on how many years someone has lived is called chronological age. Chronological age is easy to track and has been a useful tool in determining longevity. However, a new study finds that “fitness age” is a better index of longevity than chronological age. Fitness age is a better indicator of your cardiovascular health and under certain conditions it could go backwards. So, actually you can grow younger instead of older.

The study focused on fitness and lifespan and the correlation between the two. The concept of fitness age was developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The university has been finding connections to fitness and wellness for many years.

Fitness age is determined by VO2max, which is a measurement of the body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Fitness age is compared with other people. VO2max is determined with a test of aerobic capacity. If VO2max is below average for the age group, fitness age is older than chronological age and vice-versa. With fitness age, you can have the cardiovascular health of either much younger or much older.

old manIn the original study, there were no findings that fitness age had any correlation with longevity. However, when the data from the study done in the 1980’s was reevaluated, researchers used fitness age to predict lifespan and then checked death records for those who participated in the study. The results were that those who had a fitness age significantly higher than their chronological age had an 82% higher risk of dying prematurely than those who had a fitness age that was equal or younger than their chronological age.

The study revealed that fitness age may be a better indicator for early death than traditional risks like weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol. The good news about fitness age is even if fitness age is significantly higher than chronological age, fitness age can be reversed. Exercise can play a huge role in reducing fitness age and possibly extending your life.

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Sales and the Numbers Game

Posted by Lois - April 17th, 2014

Sales representatives urgently need to learn new skills to clinch that deal and learn to survive in the present scenario. Previous tools in their Sales representativesarsenal like engaging in conversation with potential customers, pushing leads and persistence through persuasive phone calls to intended target groups no longer qualify or guarantee translation into sales given that the numbers receiving the calls have also dwindled over the years.

The Internet has effectively empowered the customer with knowledge and aligned him on an even keel with the sellers through the price discovery mechanism. Access to vital features, information, recommendations, customer feedback and best buys have left little to the imagination, let alone to sales reps, and selling through personal charisma alone, is history. Perceptible sales numbers recorded make all the difference and by being easily available, influence buyer opinion tremendously. In a sense there exists true competition and greater bargaining power lies with the customer than ever before.

Winning strategies with salespeople should well include the following tools listed below, to survive the difficult numbers game to read customer sentiment accurately.

DocSendDocuments play an intrinsic role in sealing sales efforts ranging from educating customers clearly about the product and service, business proposals and letters of intent, but they have until recently been sent indiscriminately, without knowledge of fundamental statistics that could potentially boost the sales process. The level of interest generated in the recipient by the sent document is captured by sales tools services like DocSend under Document Analytics which easily lodges large-sized files. Fundamental information, like verification that the document has been viewed by the recipient, time of viewing and mailing list forwarded to, by the recipient, are examples of insights provided by Docsend. These are vital intelligence that measures the feasibility of the business communication sent and future action to be taken. This in turn, ensures efficient time and effort allocation by streamlining sales energies in the right direction and with the right customers.

SalesforceAnother tool worth mentioning is Salesforce, a heavy duty CRM tool for larger organizations, which assists in pursuing follow-ups and Streak which is compatible with Gmail and applications present in the system, seamlessly synchronizes with calendar and contacts and is better suited to smaller organizational needs.

Lastly, the inherent ability of social media to generate sales cannot be over-estimated. A single dashboard to manage various social media accounts is possible through tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to measure and track fundamental data related to conversations, productively. A browser extension like Rapportive channelizes filtered information into the user’s inbox. This allows a hands-off policy for those not particularly excited to participate in social media discussions but interested in the insights provided for sales results.

This video shows exactly how Buffer and Hootsuite work:

At the end of the day, new – age tools have to be complemented by professional selling abilities, to generate effective sales and care and precision is required at every step to chart out a successful winning strategy that beats all the odds time and time again.

Online Shopping or Card Swiping?

Posted by Lois - February 18th, 2014

online shopping safetyIn recent past, the number of cases reporting online fraud and cheating has increased drastically. Hundreds of people have lost their credit card details to the cons. Hackers from across the world have been successful in extracting people’s credit card details while they were trying to buy commodities and services online for cheap with the help of their credit cards

All these cases of internet fraud and cheating have risen this buried question once again “is online buying safe?”

Nicholas Weaver, who happens to be a senior researcher in the field of Computer Science, says that it is safer to buy things online by filling your credit card details than by buying things by swiping the card at the store. He also added, it is easier for hackers to obtain details at the shop than extracting them online.

This video explains it:

Researchers and the experts from the field of computer science have always cited that, swiping card is vulnerable and will be vulnerable for the coming twenty-five years. All the banks are bound by a deadline of ultimatum to update their credit card related security feature with chip and pin technology. This technology is going to make the physical swiping of cards safer and less vulnerable. In effect from September, 2015 any bank or user with a swipe and sign card will be subjected to fine and will be responsible for the frauds related to cards.

Technologies will come and cons will keep developing a technique to break through it. Though most of the countries across the world have adapted more secure and safe technologies, United State is still waiting to implant the chip and pin technology.

Countries that have adapted the chip and pin technology have experienced a decline in the cases of card swiping frauds. People now feel safe while swiping their cards at random stores. This technology has served people with the freedom of swiping their cards without any tension.